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Finding a Used Pontoon Trailer

In good condition or at fair market value is as likely as spotting a great white roaming the shore of your local lake. I can say with safe certainty, it’s unlikely going to happen. In 10 years of selling trailers, I have only come across 3 or 4 we have taken on trade and sold before the dew of the next morning settled on them. Unlike cars, trucks, motorcycles, or boats for sale on every major highway around your city, there just not out there.

There are several reasons why used are not available. For one, most pontoon boaters in the past did not buy one—they always kept in the water, in the care of a marina, or someone in the community moved it for them. Perhaps 1 trailer to every 10 pontoons or more. Even today we sell to boat clubs where the cost of a trailer is shared by many. 1 good crank-up pontoon trailer can service many sizes and capacities in pontoons, unlike v hulls that require bunk resetting and different lengths. Secondly, many trailers that were purchased by individuals for private use are still with the pontoons or buried below the discarded ones and most likely no longer roadworthy.

Last season, I went to work on the trailer manufacturers to produce a few economical models in several sizes to help out the situation. These trailers will be available but only in the sizes and pricing below. All other sizes and personal preferences will be quoted from their normal lineup but still at the best prices available for those products. These manufacturers came through with a good quality product for the budget-minded. I will not be shopping for anything cheaper as what is out there is not something I want to sell you. It’s not all about the profit, reputation to me matters.

It is a fact that your pontoon in the future will sell quicker and command a higher resale with a good quality trailer under it. While that potential buyer is searching for a trailer, he or she might come across something else killing your sale. Sale insurance you can call it. Pirate Marine

Crank-ups, cantilevers, or scissor trailers as there called are used for short hauls, generally used for in and out of the water a few times a year, boats stored on blocks. Float on drive ons are used for longer hauling as they have a wider wheelbase, used for weekly launching, and used for storage of boat on the trailer.

Powder-coated float on up to 21 ft 2,300 lbs
single axle tongue jack 2-year warranty.

Powder-coated dual axle float on to 24 ft 3500 lbs
tongue jack ST145x12 tires 2-year warranty.
Surge drum brakes 1 axle, guides included.

PTB2445T 21 to 24 ft, carries 4500 lbs, surge drum brakes,
12 in HD radial tires, 8 to 8.6 wide Inside guides.

PTB2644T 24 to 26 ft, carries 4400 lbs, surge drum brakes,
adjustable from 8 to 8.6 wide, inside guides, 12 in HD radial
tires. Inside guides optinal.

Galvanized 18 to 21 ft 2550 lbs winch stand /steps, hand
rail, 13 in tires, tongue jack, 2 yr warranty.
Load Rite Trailer Product.

Galvanized 21 to 24 ft dual axle 3000 lbs, non-brake,
steps, handrail, tongue jack, 13 in tires
Add 1 set of surge disc brakes 4100 lbs
Load Rite Trailer Product

Hoosier dual axle crank-up trailer good for 20 to 24 feet. Led lighting

More photos of any model shown are available by request, just drop me an email at sales@piratemarine.com.
For all other sizes and pontoon trailer options, please check out Load Rite Elite and Yacht Club Trailers.
There you will find trailers available from 15 to 30 ft. Standard, triples, and tritoon models.

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