Choose a Quality Trailer for Your Kayaks and Canoes

As of Now, You No Longer Have To Spend Hundreds More

For overpriced trailers or car carriers to transport your kayaks or canoes. It all stops here with some new galvanized models from Pirate Marine Boat Trailers and Load Rite Trailer Co. Say “heck yah”, brother , and drop that extra doe in that vacation or trip fund. Here you will find some great deals on some good quality products. Say bye-bye to those expensive aluminum models out there that cost 3 or 4 times the cost of what you're carrying. Made in America.

A trailer with a sign on its rear and near a pond
A trailer with a bar on its rear

Model K1000-2 16 ft long, 67 wide, 4.80 x 12 tires, poly fender complete lighting, 2 in the coupler, 4 prongs light connection, 2 kayaks, or 2 canoes.

Product video by Pirate Marine:

Now equipped with a torsion axle, smoother ride.

A boat trailer with bars for holding kayak
A boat trailer and a boat and ATV at the front

Model K 1000-4 16 ft long, 62 wide, 4.80 x 12 tires, poly fenders, complete Lighting, 2 in the coupler, 4 prongs light connection, used for 4 kayaks.

Now new with a torsion axle, smoother and quieter ride.

A trailer with a barks for kayak
A boat trailer with holder for kayak

Model K1000-6 was used for 6 kayaks on a 16 ft frame. C1000-6 for 6 canoes or kayaks on an 18-ft frame. Rack is 87 wide at the base, supports 1,000 lbs, 4.80 x 12 tires, poly fenders, complete lighting, 4 prongs light connection. K1000-6 C1000-6
C1000-6 Canoe trailer is now on a 76-inch wheel stance, wider and heavier frame.

A boat trailer with 6 pairs of horizontal bars

PB1000-8T 8 place paddle board model with the torsion axle and 1000 lb capacity.

A boat trailer with no bars

CB650-1 Single canoe model with 13 in tires, extended bunk length.

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